Ring Skill Day

Work the following controlled movements:

Skill Level 1
-Inverted Pike Hold
+Stable down, engage core, tuck into pike, rotate to invert hold.
-Upright hold Rotation
+Holding stable upright, in ten second count rotate wrist from -15° to 45° outward.
+To add extra, hold 45° for additional 10 seconds.

Skill Level 2
-Extended Invert to Controlled Lower
+Pike up to extended position, with feet out lower to ground as slow as possible.
-Skin the Cat
+Start in a a dead hang position with body hollow and hands turned out
+Do a toe raise and allow the feet to continue through your elbows
+Stay in a pike position and send toes toward the ground
+Finish in a hollow body position and arms in full extension
+Tuck your head in and bring thighs to your chest as you initiate the rewind
+Finish with hang in hollow body position

MetaHIIT: 10 to 1 Descending (15 min. cap)
Level Up
Jingle Jangles
Deadlift (225#/185#)

*Level ups, pull up position explode up to top bar and catch. Return to bottom to complete rep. Scaled Level Ups are chest to bar with bands.
**Jingle Jangles are an explosive sprint of 12 ft. Down & back complete a rep.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.