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Daily Mindset


Bike Warmup

2 Minutes Easy

30 Seconds Each

Hollow Hold

Inchworm to Push-up

Lateral Squats

Scap Pull-ups

Shoulder Taps

Wall Squats

Arch Hold

Push-up to Down Dog

Slow Air Squats


Turn-back Stretch on Wall: 40 Seconds Each Side

Table Top Stretch: 40 Seconds Each Side

Strength & Skill

Review “Hips”


Barbie Girl (AMRAP – Reps)

30 Minute AMRAP

25/18 Calorie Bike

1 Round of “Barbara”

-1 Round of Barbara Is-

20 Pullups

30 Pushups

40 Ab-Mat Situps

50 Air Squats

After Party

Olympic Lifting

On the Minute x 8:

3 Squat Snatches

Rest 2 Minutes

On the Minute x 8:

2 Squat Clean and Jerks

Squat Snatch Percentages:

Sets 1-4: 63% 1RM

Sets 5-8: 68% 1RM

Squat Clean and Jerk Percentages:

Sets 1-4: 68% 1RM

Sets 5-8: 73% 1RM



Dumbbell Bent Over Rows

12 Strict Pull-ups

Reduce Reps

Banded Pull-ups

Jumping Pull-ups

Ring Rows


Reduce Reps

Elevate Hands to Box or Bench

Knee Push-ups


500/400 Meter Row

400/300 Meter Meter Ski Erg

30 Shuttle Runs [10 Meters]