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Kaylee & The Crew


Warm Up # 2 (60 Sec) (No Measure)

Perform 60 seconds of each movement, then stretch. Keep movements to a moderate pace.

Alternating Step Ups

Jump Rope


Walking Lunge

Kettlebell Swing

Push Ups

Air Squats

Jump Rope


1 Lap Run


Metcon (Time)

12 Rounds for time, in teams of 2:

6/4 Calories on Bike

*Number of seconds it takes to acquire 5 cals, is the number of Air Squats, Push-Ups, & Sit-Ups the athlete must complete

Air Squats, push-ups, sit-ups

*Athletes work in relay style to complete all 12 rounds

*Bike must be zeroed out every time


5 Calories takes 19 seconds, then the athlete must complete:

19 Air Squats

19 Push-Ups

19 Sit-Ups

Rx+ Option:

Goblet squats

Burpees (half the number)

Weighted sit-ups