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Barbell Complex (light weight) (No Measure)

2 Rounds

2 Cycles w/ 6 Reps of:


-Bent Row

-Hang Clean

-Front Squat

-Push Press

-Back Squat

-Push Ups
Stretches: Dislocates, Elevated Pigeon, Instep

Strength & Skill

Back Yoke Carry (2-2-2)

Zercher Yoke Carry (2-2-2)


Metcon (Time)


Partner MetCon, complete the following:

1000m Row [Hanging]

15 x Bear Crawl [Squatting]

Back Squat M-8000# / F-5000# [Spotting]

100 x Push-Ups [Planking]

**Back Squats are broken into total poundage moved. You and your partner will have to figure it out.

**The [brackets] represent the movement that your partner is performing until one of you has to switch.

Cash Out

Flutter Kicks (130 reps)