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Junkyard Dog Warm-Up (No Measure)

*Partner A sits with legs extended and arms out

*Partner B jumps over one arm, then legs, then over the other arm of Partner A. That is 1 rep, complete 10 reps each.

**Partner A gets in a table top position or on all 4’s.

**Partner B jumps over Partner A (that’s 1 rep), then Partner A gets in a Downward Facing Dog position while Partner B crawls under Partner A (that’s rep 2). Each partner does 10 reps.

Strength & Skill

PRIM: Toes-To-Bar (Pick the Level you’re at:)

L1: Handing knee tucks (scalability)

L2: Work on kipping & strining together

L3: 4 Sets of Max Unbroken Reps

SKILL: Skin The Cat (Practice/Technique )

This skilled movement is performed on ring. Builds core strength, flexibility, & shoulder stability.
Progression 1:

Progression 2:


Metcon (10 Rounds for reps)

10 Rounds of:

90 sec AMRAP

Rd Buy In: 50m Sprint

3 Deadlifts

6 Ring Dips

–30 Sec Rest–


Rx+ 315/205

Rx 245/165

Sc Wt. Heavy but able to rep at 3’s with good form

**Each 90 sec round starts with a 50m Sprint, then AMRAP of deadlifts & ring dips until end of RD. Rest 30 sec, then complete again.

**Count reps completed per round.