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Daily Mindset

“People are not lazy. They simply have goals that do not inspire them.” – Tony Robbins

Something we can all agree on: anything in life worth achieving, is going to be very, very hard. There’s no two ways about it. So we make goals.

But goals sometimes default to the “whats” in life. A “what” can be a certain amount of pounds on the barbell or an amount of pull-ups. Those are goals, but they are not “reasons”.

Reasons are what gets us out of bed in the morning. What we think about in the shower. What we see in the mirror when we look into it. Goals don’t move us forward – reasons do. Goals can be the waypoints or checkpoints along the way, but our reasons are the true North Star.

What are your goals? Can we refine them? Can we tie them to our reasons?”

Warm Up

Jog/Run 400m

10 Alternating or Regular V-Ups

10 Glute Bridge

10 PVC Strict Press (:2 pause at the top)

5 Slow Squats (:3 down)

10 Abmat Sit-Up

(for newer or de-conditioned athletes, please reduce the distance of run as needed)

Strength & Skill

GHD Sit-Up / Overhead Medball Abmat Sit-Up:

5 Overhead MedBall Abmat Sit-Ups

:20 GHD Static Hold to Parallel

3-Position GHD Sit-Up

Step 1. 2 x Partial Range of Motion (ROM)

Step 2. 2 x GHD Sit-Up to Parallel (Shoulder in line with hips)

Step 3. 2 x GHD Sit-Up Full ROM

Clean & Jerk (3-5 Repetitions of Each):


Deadlift to Mid-Thigh

Power Clean

Strict Press

Push Jerk

Clean & Jerk

Barbell Cycling

Running Dynamics & Build-Ups:

High Knees into Butt Kickers

Side Shuffle (left and right)

Double Bunny Hops

Single-legged Hops (right and left)

Skips for Height (jump high)

Skips for Length (jump out far)

Knee Hugs into Leg Cradles

4 x 25m – Speed Build-Ups*


Clean & Jerk Build-Up

3 Sets of 5 Reps:

Set 1. Light load

Set 2. Game load

Set 3. Overload


“This Little Gym Piggy” (Time)

4 Rounds For Time:

400 Meter Run

24 GHD Sit-Ups (or Overhead Medball Abmat Sit-Ups)

12 Clean and Jerks (135/95)*


4 Rounds For Time:

400 Meter Run

24 GHD Sit-Ups (or Overhead Medball Abmat Sit-Ups)

12 Clean and Jerks (95/65)


4 Rounds For Time:

200 Meter Run

24 Abmat Sit-Ups

12 Clean and Jerks (35/15-lb/or light Dumbbells)

After Party

Lil’ Upper Body Pump Finisher – NOT For Time:


Empty Barbell Rows

Empty Barbell Curls


Details: Strip the barbell used in the workout for the empty barbell. If athletes would like add a little load, they can. Just remind them it’s a pump session and the load shouldn’t require them to break the sets up

Cool-Down – Stretch

:30 Samson Stretch (each side)

:30 Static Quad Stretch (each side)

:30 Static Hamstring Stretch (each side)

:30 Banded Lat Stretch (each side) – suspended from Pull-Up bar


400m Run (approximately 1:45-2:15)

Reduce Distance = 300m / 200m

Modify the Movement = 1000/800m Bike Erg / 500m Row (as a last resort)

GHD Sit-Up (or Overhead Medball Abmat Sit-Ups)

Reduce Reps = 20, 15, 12 – be cautious and err on less reps as athletes are reintroduced to this potent movement

Reduce Range of Motion = Parallel or 1/4 Range (slight lean back)

Substitute the Movement = Overhead Medball Abmat Sit-Up (a fine choice)

Clean & Jerk

Reduce Load = 115/80; 95/65; 75/55; 65/45; 45/35

Modify the Movement = Hang Clean & Push Press or Jerk

Change the Equipment = Dumbbell Clean & Jerk (50/40; 40/30; 35/25; 25/15; 20/10)