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Warm Up # 8 (Shuttle) (No Measure)

**Shuttle Distance Set @ 30 ft.

**Reps are down & back.

3 x Light Jog

2 x Crossover

1 x Walking Lunge

1 x Crocodile Walk

1 x Inch Worm

2 x Crossover

3 x Light Jog
Stretches: Instep, T-Twist/Scorpion

Strength & Skill

Partner up & cycle movements with two different barbells. This auxiliary movements are meant to be done with strict form.

**Barbell Rows: Focus is on max Scapula retraction. Weight should not be ‘thrown’ to touch the chest.

**Good Mornings: Keep focus on strong back, chest out, abs tight & Hamstring extension. Knees are not locked out or hyperextended.

1: Barbell Row (8-8-8-8)

2: Good Mornings (10-10-10-10)


Metcon (Time)


5 Rds for Time:

2/2 x Turkish Get-Ups (44# / 26#)

15 x Goblet Squats (44# / 26#)

250m Run

Cash Out

Hollow Rocks (60 Reps)