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10 Minute Kettlebell Warm Up (No Measure)

Each movement is 60 seconds

-Single Side KB Swing (Left)

-Lunge (Right)

-Clean & Press (Left)

-Single Side KB Swing (Right)

-Lunge (Left)

-Clean & Press (Right)

-Turkish Getup (Left)

-Figure 8’s (Front Pass)

-Turkish Getup (Right)

-Figure 8’s (Back Pass)
Stretches: Squat Dislocates, Rib Mobilization, Sampson Hold (20 sec ea.)

Strength & Skill

Single Arm Dumbell Press (5 Rds of 7 reps (each side))

Ring Push Ups (4 Rds of 10-20 reps)


Metcon (5 Rounds for time)


Hold the pace for as long as possible.

Use your best 500m time as the BASE number.

Rd 1- BASE -0:10 sec

Rd 2- BASE -0:05 sec

Rd 3- BASE

Rd 4- BASE -0:05 sec

Rd 5- BASE -0:10 sec

Rest as needed between rounds.

Cash Out

Hanging L-Sit Holds (3 Max Effort Holds )