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Daily Mindset

“It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.” – Mother Theresa

Imagine we’re moving. And we have two friends, who both extend an offer to help.

The first friend writes us a check for 1,000 dollars to help with the moving expenses. Incredibly generous. The second friend doesn’t offer a dime, but instead comes to our old place, helps us pack up every box, drives with us to the new house, and unpacks everything with us into the early hours in the morning.

Fast forward two weeks later. Both friends call you to ask for a favor. Which friend are we more likely to help?

We would choose the second friend. But why? If we were to try to explain, we collectively would flow to the same, natural response… “Because they would have done it for me.”

Money has relative value. But time is an absolute.

If we want to make a “perishable donation”, give money.

If we want to make an everlasting impact, give time.


1 Minute Each

Easy Row

Down Down to Up Dog

Easy-Moderate Row

Single Unders

Moderate Row

Active Spiderman + Hamstring Stretch


Calf Stretch on Post: 1 Minute Each Side

Strength & Skill


1. Length (Beginning & End)

Double Unders:

1. Length


Bench Press (Build to a Heavy set of 6 Reps)


“Under The Sea” (Time)

For Time:

2,000 Meter Row

150 Double Unders

100 Burpees

After Party

Strict Gymnastics


Strict Pull-ups

Strict Handstand Push-ups

Repeat Effort From Last Friday



1 Mile Run

1,600 Meter Ski Erg

100/75 Calorie Bike


Reduce Reps

Single Unders

3-4 Minutes of Practice

150 Double Taps

225 Line Hops

75 Over-and-Back Dumbbell Hops