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Barbell Complex (light weight) (No Measure)

2 Rounds

2 Cycles w/ 6 Reps of:


-Bent Row

-Hang Clean

-Front Squat

-Push Press

-Back Squat

-Push Ups
Stretches: Super Rack, Banded Hip Flexor, Oly Wall Sit

Strength & Skill

**In-between sets, work on setting up Handstand Push-Ups.

Position Cleans x 3 (10 sets of 1 rep (3 x movements))

Three cleans in consecutive motion, but pulled from different positions. These positions are ground, hang and mid hang. Reps can start at mid hang and work towards ground or in reverse. The area of pull needing to be worked, will be based on each athlete.
**This complex is completed every other minute for 20 minutes.

**Practice on getting under the bar immediately after the second pull; start building up catching in the Front Squat.

**If you’re working on form, stay light and do two reps every other minute.


Metcon (Time)


Work Capacity for Time:

50 x Overhead Squats (Bar)

25 x Handstand Push-Ups

25 x Back Squat (135#/95#/65#)

50 x Toes to Bar

Cash Out

Y & L’s (50 / 50 Reps)