Join us on October 28th for our Barbells for Boobs Team WOD!

CrossFit Ballwin – CrossFit

Shannon Thomas


Warm Up # 4 (Step Ups) (No Measure)

20/20 x Step Ups

3/3 x Turkish Get Ups

20 x Kettlebell Swings

10 x Push Ups

Strength & Skill


Even: Weighted Step-Up

Odd: Kip or Hollow Rock

EVEN: Weighted Step-ups (8 reps each side (increasing weight))

*Use DB’s or KB’s held at the side

*Complete one side, then other….don’t alternate

ODD: Kipping (20 Reps (solid form))

*Hanging from rings or bar, complete reps with the body in proper position.

*Sometimes we need to take a step back to the very basics & not worry about “just getting the rep”

ODD: Hollow Rocks (20 Reps)

*If hanging from the bar is difficult, perform these basic movements on the ground


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


Buy-In: 800m Run

32 Kettlebell Swings

21 Goblet Squats

10 Pull-Ups

KB Weights:

RX+ 70/53

Rx 53/44

Sc 44/35-26

*After initial buy-in, complete as many rounds of the complex as possible in the remaining time