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10 Minute Kettlebell Warm Up (No Measure)

Each movement is 60 seconds

-Single Side KB Swing (Left)

-Lunge (Right)

-Clean & Press (Left)

-Single Side KB Swing (Right)

-Lunge (Left)

-Clean & Press (Right)

-Turkish Getup (Left)

-Figure 8’s (Front Pass)

-Turkish Getup (Right)

-Figure 8’s (Back Pass)
Stretches: Rib Mobile, Sink Mobile, Sampson

Strength & Skill

1) Jerk (any style): Work up to a heavy set of 1. Rest 1:30

2) Bent-over BB Rows: 3 x 8-10. Rest 60s.

Split Jerk (Work to heavy set of 1 rep)

Push Jerk (Work to heavy set of 1 rep)

Bent Over Row (3 sets of 8-10 reps)


Metcon (5 Rounds for time)


5 Rounds

**Time each rd, rest 1 min between rds

15x Box Jumps (24″/20″)

12x S20H (115# / 75#)

9x Toes to Bar


L3: (95, 65)

L2: (20, 15) (75, 55) (Knee Raises)

L1: (20, 15 Step-ups) (65, 35) (Knee Raises)


50-100x Banded Pushdowns

50-100x Banded Pull-aparts