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Joshua Petersmith


Junkyard Dog Warm-Up (No Measure)

*Partner A sits with legs extended and arms out

*Partner B jumps over one arm, then legs, then over the other arm of Partner A. That is 1 rep, complete 10 reps each.

**Partner A gets in a table top position or on all 4’s.

**Partner B jumps over Partner A (that’s 1 rep), then Partner A gets in a Downward Facing Dog position while Partner B crawls under Partner A (that’s rep 2). Each partner does 10 reps.

Strength & Skill

**Alternate movements, resting no more than 60 sec between rds.

Good Mornings (6 Sets of 8-10 Reps )

Stay lighter on weight to focus on increasing the range of motion. Think time under tension for hamstrings

Bent Over Row (6 Sets of 6-8 Reps)

-Be strict and stable on BORs.

-Weight shouldn’t be so heavy that you have to throw it to reach your chest.

-Movement is for max scapula retraction.


Metcon (7 Rounds for time)

7 Rds (ea. rd. timed)

6 Burpees

9 Wall Balls (20/14)


-Rest 30 Sec-


Rx+ 70/53

Rx 53/35

Rx 44/26