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Warm Up #6 (Run) (No Measure)

Run 2 Laps

15 x Air Squats

10 x Push Ups

5 x Pull Ups

30 sec Hollow Hold
Stretches: Single Leg Flexion, 3rd World, Floor Sweep

Strength & Skill

Back Squat (5 Sets of 5 Reps)

**Ensure you warm-up to your first set at 70 to 80% of 1RM

**Immediately after every set, complete 3 x Depth Squat Jumps


Metcon (Time)


Complete for Time:

Reps 50-40-30-20-10

-Overhead Plate Lunge (45 / 25#)

-Double Unders

**Lunge reps are L=1, R=2; steps are to the rear

Cash Out

Hamstring Hammer (3 Sets of 5-8 Reps)