Single Leg Squat

Reps: 5-5-5-5
*This movement is a great stability and coordination builder.
**Use this time to identify the weaker of the legs or any mobility issues that can throw you off.
Single Leg Deadlift

Reps: 5-5-5-5
*Work on the coordination and stability of the lift.
**Increase to hard, but doable weight.

MetaHIIT: “Tax Man”
“Tax Man” (15 min cap)

Complete two rounds for time of:

10 x Bear Crawl (down 25′, back 25′ = 1 rep)
20 x Push Ups
30 x Deadlift (205#/155#)
40 x Air Squats

*Bear Crawls rep: are down (25 ft.) & back (25 ft.) equals one rep.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.