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Daily Mindset


This week let’s try to eat vegetables at every meal!

The International Journal of Epidemiology published a meta-analysis stating that eating 800g of fruits and vegetables each day can reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer, and stroke as well as overall mortality. Eating whole real foods is the best way to absorb the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals our bodies need.


0:30 Inchworm to Push Up

0:30 Downdog

0:30 Active Spiderman

0:30 Pigeon Pose (L)

0:30 Pigeon Pose ®

0:30 Knuckle Drags

0:30 Alternating Quad Stretch

0:30 Arm Circles (0:10 backwards, 0:10 across the chest, 0:10 trunk twist)

0:30 Jumping Jacks

0:30 Single Unders

Strength & Skill

FOCUS: Build on your skills of Double Unders & Toes to Bar…..if you’re good on Double Unders, practice on Triple Unders…..yes, it’s a thing. 🙂


“GOOD GRIEF” (5 Rounds for reps)


5 Rounds x AMRAP 3:

4 Devil’s Press (50’s/35’s)

6 Toes to Bar

24 Double Unders

Rest 1 Minute Between Rounds


Dumbbell Weight: 35’s/25’s

After Party

1:00 Kneeling Forearm Stretch (0:20 fingers facing knees, 0:20 fingers side to side, 0:20 tops of hands down)

1:00 Child’s Pose

3-5 Sets For Quality:

150-ft. Plate Carry or Front Loaded Carry

1:00 Hip Extension Hold

0:50 Dead Hang From Pull-up Bar

No Rest Between Sets



-Reduce Reps

-Reduce Load

-Single Dumbbell


-1.5x Double Dumbbell Deadlift

-1.5x Double Dumbbell Snatch


-Reduce Reps

-Knees To Chest

-2x AbMat Sit-Ups


-24 Line Hops

-36 Single Unders

-0:30 On Any Machine

-24 Jumping Double Taps

-24 High Single Unders