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Warm Up # 4 (Step Ups) (No Measure)

20/20 x Step Ups

3/3 x Turkish Get Ups

20 x Kettlebell Swings

10 x Push Ups
Stretches: Rib Mobilization, Instep, Anchored T-Spine

Strength & Skill

1 or 2 based on skill level

1: Handstand Push-ups (5 Rds. of 5-10 Reps./ Progression)

Progression: Wall Walk w/ Shoulder Taps or Box Pike Position

2: Deficit Handstand Push-ups (5 Rds of M.R. (all controlled movements))


Metcon (Distance)


Partner WOD:

As P1 completes the Work Capacity cycle, P2 is Rowing to cover as much distance as possible. Once the W.C. is complete, partners switch. P1 & P2 complete this cycle for 16 minutes totaling the comuniative distance for score.

Work Capacity:

10 x Box Jumps (25″ / 20″)

10 x Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

10 x Power Snatch (95# / 65#)

Cash Out

Partners choose two mobility drills and practice. Ask to use the Supple Leopard book for a variety.