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45 Seconds

Easy Bike

Medicine Ball Deadlifts

Active Spidermans

30 Seconds

Moderate Bike

Squats to Medicine Ball

Active Samson

20 Seconds

Fast Bike

Medicine Ball Squats

Push-up to Down Dog


Couch Stretch: 1 Minutes Each Side

Medicine Ball Squat Hold: 1 Minutes

Chest Stretch: 1 Minute Each Side

Strength & Skill


1. Hips High

Wall Balls:

1. Hips Low, Ball High

2. Mark Your Territory


1. Pull Up


Chutes & Ladders (AMRAP – Reps)

In Teams of Two, AMRAP 24:

Buy In: 100/75 Cal Bike


3 Wall Balls, 3 Burpees

6 Wall Balls, 6 Burpees

9 Wall Balls, 9 Burpees

Up By 3’s Until Time Cap

*The bike happens once, then the scored portion will be total reps on the ball and burpees

*Each partner completes one full round, then switches for the other partner to complete the same number scheme