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Warm Up #5 (Row) (No Measure)

Complete 2 rounds

Row 300m

15/15 x Step Ups

10 x Bent Rows

10 x Push Ups

10 x Hang Cleans

2/2 x Turkish Getup
Stretches: Elevated Pigeon, T-Twist/Scorpion, Rib Mobilization

Strength & Skill

1a: Pull-ups (3 Rds Strict Max Rep – or – Progression)

1b: Muscle-ups (Technique/Progression)


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


15 minute Partner AMRAP of:

20 x Toes to Rings/Bar

20 x Snatch 75# / 55#

20 x Parallette Push-Up

**Parallette Push-Ups are with feet on a 20″ box. This will leveling the body, when arms are at full extension. The down position is with the face breaking the plane of the Parallette’s handles.

**Reps are split between both partners at their choosing. Count rounds and reps.

Cash Out

Hollow Hold (3 Rds of Max Hold (time))