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Community Warm-Up:

As a class, think of 20 movements to perform and complete 10 reps of each movement.


Instep, Rib Mobilization, Floor Sweep

Strength & Skill

EMOM 10:

ODD: 30s Hang Power Cleans (volume form reset)

EVEN: 30s of Handstand Hold

**Handstand holds are based on skill level, scaled options available

Hang Power Clean (5 Rds of 30s Max Rep)

Freestanding Handstand Holds (5 Rds of 30s Holds)


Metcon (Time)


5 Rds of:

7x KB Front Squat (right)

7x KB Front Squat (left)

7x KB Swing (right)

7x KB Swing (left)

3x Turkish Get-up (each arm)

Rest 1:00

**Scale weights as needed

**Use a load that is challenging, but can be maintained properly throughout movement patterns

**Post load weight(s) in comments


This will be done as a class, but put your times in for future reference.

Max Front Plank Hold (Time)

Max Front Plank Hold