Double Under/ Jump Rope Clinic – January 28th 1-3pm – $15
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CrossFit Ballwin – CrossFit

Hodge, Brendon, & Andrew good luck at the competition! Support them, Saturday at J5 CrossFit.


Warm Up # 8 (Shuttle) (No Measure)

**Shuttle Distance Set @ 30 ft.

**Reps are down & back.

3 x Light Jog

2 x Crossover

1 x Walking Lunge

1 x Crocodile Walk

1 x Inch Worm

2 x Crossover

3 x Light Jog


Metcon (Time)

Teams of 3:

200 Calorie Bike

400m Run (team)

200 Wall Ball (20/14)

200m Walking Lunge (team)

200 Push Press (95/65)

400m Run (team)

200 Monkey Squats

**Any movement outside the gym is done as a team

**Break up reps as needed