Pull Up Deficient Hold

4 rounds with 2 min. between rounds.
Hold 30 sec., arms @ 90 degrees
Hold 30 sec., chest to bar
Hold 30 sec., arms @ 90 degrees

MetaHIIT: Team Work Capacity
Two Person Team Chipper

50 x Air Squat, [plank hold]
60 x Box Jump (24″/20″), [plank hold]
50 x Ball Slam (15#), [pull up bar hold]
60 x Ring Dips, [pull up bar hold]
100 x Walking Lunge, [handstand hold]
30 x Push Ups, [handstand hold]

*One partner will complete as much as the reps in the movement as possible, while the other partner is in the [hold positions]

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.