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CrossFit Ballwin – CrossFit


Warm Up # 3 (MLB) (No Measure)

Two Rounds

10 x Air Squats

10 x Alternating Lunges

10 x Alt. Jump Lunges

5 x Jump Squats

10 x Push Ups

5 x Pull Ups

Stretch between rounds.


Bear Complex WOD (5 Rounds for weight)

Complete 5 rounds:

Complete the following cycle 7 times each round:

-Power Clean

-Front Squat

-Overhead Press

-Back Squat

-Overhead Press

+Rest as needed between rounds

*Do not drop the weight. Stay connected through the round.

**If weight is dropped, count number of drops and perform 8 times the amount of burpees as a penalty.

***Work up the heaviest weight possible.


Shoulder mobility work & additional Mini Banded Shuttle

Mini Banded Shuttle (2 Sets of 20 steps (ea. 4 directions))

Directions: Forward, backward, left, right