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Daily Mindset

“Seek not good from without; seek it within yourselves, or you will never find it.” – Epictetus

When something goes right, we’re relatively quick to point to the actions we took to get there. But when something goes wrong, we may find ourselves doing the opposite. In comes the “blame game”, where we use external events as excuses.

A core tenant of mental toughness is responsibility.

To accept that we played a role.

But the purpose of that step, taking responsibility, is not to make ourselves feel bad, or worse, throw a pity party. The purpose is that it gives us options.

When we take responsibility and look within, we now are in control. We can now focus on what we need to do to get into a better position. It opens our eyes to the path forward. If we do the opposite however, and blame the externals, we have surrendered control. We won’t have any say in the next steps, as the story we’re telling ourselves is that outside events determine our path.

Responsibility is a weapon. And it only comes from within.


1 Minute Each

Single Unders

Active Samson

Single Leg Glute Bridges (30 Seconds Each)

40 Seconds Each

Double Taps

Push-up to Down Dog

Glute Bridge Walkouts

Barbell Warmup

5 Good Mornings

5 Back Squats

5 Elbow Rotations

5 Strict Press & Reach

5 Romanian Deadlifts

5 Front Squats


Front Rack Stretch: 40 Seconds

Forearms Stretch: 40 Seconds

Pec Stretch On Wall: 40 Seconds Each Side

Strength & Skill

Bar-Facing Burpees:

1. Feet Back

Double Unders & Power Cleans:

1. Arms Relaxed


Power Clean (Build to a Heavy Triple (Touch & Go))


“Wonderworld” (Time)

For Time:

100 Double Unders

21 Power Cleans (155/105)

21 Bar-Facing Burpees

100 Double Unders

15 Power Cleans (155/105)

15 Bar-Facing Burpees

100 Double Unders

9 Power Cleans (155/105)

9 Bar-Facing Burpees

“Wonderworld” — Beef’d Up (Time)

For Time:

100 Double Unders

21 Power Cleans (185/135)

21 Bar-Facing Burpees

100 Double-Unders

15 Power Cleans (185/135)

15 Bar-Facing Burpees

100 Double-Unders

9 Power Cleans (185/135)

9 Bar-Facing Burpees

After Party

Stamina Squats

On the Minute x 10 (5 Rounds):

Minute 1: 4 Front Squats

Minute 2: 8 Back Squats

Barbell Load For Both Lifts: 60-62% 1RM Front Squat



Reduce Reps

Single Unders

Practice Time Caps

Double Taps

Line Hops

Over-and-Back Dumbbell Hops


Double Dumbbell Power Cleans

Single Dumbbell Power Cleans

Odd Object Power Cleans


Regular Burpees

Dumbbell Facing Burpees