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Jeremy Chacon


Line Drills:

Quad Stretch & Straight Leg Kicks Down

Lunge Back

Side Lunge & Cradle Stretch Down

Bear Crawl Back

Walking Samson & Walking Spiderman Down

Reverse Bear Crawl Back

High Knees & Butt Kickers Down

Crab Walk Back

First stretch half way down the floor. Second stretch the rest of the way. Complete last movement the full length back.

Strength & Skill

Strict Press:

1. Elbow Position

2. Bar Position

3. Head Position

Front Rack Reverse Lunge:

1. Elbow Position

2. Bar Position


Shoulder Press (Build to a heavy set of 3)


Black Eye (Time)

5 Rounds:

10 Strict Press (95/65)

20 Front Rack Reverse Lunges (95/65)