Reminder: Don’t forget this Sunday @ 1pm (after Yoga) is the CrossFit Total. You will have 3 attempts to find your 1RM on Press, Squat & Deadlift. Even if you’re not participating, come support your CFB family. Visitors welcome, too.

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Warm Up # 8 (Shuttle) (No Measure)

**Shuttle Distance Set @ 30 ft.

**Reps are down & back.

3 x Light Jog

2 x Crossover

1 x Walking Lunge

1 x Crocodile Walk

1 x Inch Worm

2 x Crossover

3 x Light Jog
Stretches: Band Pull, Anchored T-Spine, Banded Hip Flexor

Strength & Skill

Review movements & Metcon:

-Clean & Jerk

-Squat Clean

-Clean Pulls

**Athletes use this time to find a weight that can be rep’d 2+ times.

**Weights should be roughly 70-80% of 1RM.


On the whiteboard, note your weight & reps each round. On Wodify, input your weight for each round.

Metcon (45 Rounds for weight)


Tabata Inversion

10 sec Heavy Work : 20 sec Rest

15 rds. of:

– Clean & Jerk

30 sec. to Adjust Weight

15 rds. of:

– Squat Clean

30 sec. to Adjust Weight

15 rds. of:

– Clean Pull

**45 rds total, only 7.5 minutes of work.

**Weights are based on 70% -75% 1RM.

Cash Out

**Grab a partner & implement two mobility drills off the charts. Do some homework and review the movements on Mobility WOD online.