L-Sit & Chin Ups Complex
– L-Sit max hold for time (4 rds)
– Chin Ups for max reps (3 rds)

*This complex starts with max hold on L-Sit, then wait 60 seconds and complete a round of max rep Chin Ups. Wait 60 second and start L-Sit Hold again.
**L-Sits can be completed with rings or parallettes

MetaHIIT: Work Capacity (17 min Cap)
On the minute, complete two reps of Deadlift (85% PR).

40 x Wall Balls
40 x Hand Release Push Ups
30 x Wall Balls
30 x Hand Release Push Ups
20 x Wall Balls
20 x Hand Release Push Ups
10 x Wall Balls
10 x Hand Release Push Ups

*Deadlifts are to be completed on minute no matter what rep or movement you are on.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.