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Chris Abell


Teams of 3 Relay


15 Right Arm Overhead AbMat Lunge

5 Sit-ups

15’ Left Arm Overhead AbMat Lunge


25’ Bear Crawl Down

5 Push-ups 
25’ Reverse Bear Crawl Back

*One partner works at a time. Lunge down with AbMat, complete 5 sit-ups or push-ups, lunge back with AbMat and switch off to next partner. Same format for part 2.


Banded Lat Stretch: 30 Seconds Each Side

Banded Triceps Stretch: 30 Seconds Each Side

Banded Chest Stretch: 30 Seconds Each Side

Strength & Skill

Walking Lunge:

1. Momentum

2. Knees

3. Move Prep

AbMat Sit-up:

1. Momentum

2. Knees

Strict Handstand Push-Ups:

1. Kicking Up to The Wall

2. Back First

3. Move Prep

Strict Pull-Ups:

1. Back First

2. Move Prep


Helmet Hair (Time)

5 Rounds:

5 Strict Handstand Push-ups

10 Strict Pull-ups

100’ Walking Lunge

20 AbMat Sit-ups