Putting together a partner WOD for Tuesday’s class. Time to put some work in together and communicate like a team. Great job today with auxiliary lifts. Never hesitate to ask why we do the movements we do!!!!

Every time we do a MetCon, Strength/Skill or even a Warm-Up, it sets us up for the next week or cycle. As a coach, I don’t just watch the end result from a movement. You might get a PR, but I’m watching the segments in the beginning, middle & end. Then after class I go to my drawling board and plan out how to make you better. I go to bed thinking about it and wakeup thinking about it. When you get frustrated, I analyze the movements over in my head all day. Every member of CrossFit Ballwin has a place in my head throughout the day. This is my life.

I only ask that when you cross the threshold of the CFB, you give it everything. Don’t walk away mad or sulking, walk away with a stronger determination. Stop being self-defeating, you deserve this. I will be there to pick you up and dust you off. We will get it, because I’ve already started to think about how to conquer the sticking point.

-Trenton Campbell