Athlete’s Corner


Emily Emerson Story

Why did you join CrossFit Ballwin? I initially joined Crossfit Ballwin to shut my husband up. He was a member and talked about it constantly. He wanted so badly for me to join so we could workout together. I planned on going once just to humor him. Almost two years... read more

Greg Cochran Story

Why did you join CrossFit Ballwin? My son and I joined about 2 years ago to help get him in shape for high school wrestling. I’ve been doing it ever since. What’s been your biggest accomplishment? That’s a tuff one. Probably the first WOD I RXd. I didn’t think I... read more

Kyle Nesselbush Story

Why did you join CrossFit Ballwin? I joined CrossFit Ballwin to take control of my health and to get into great shape.  When I first joined, I was looking for an environment that would help me make my health and fitness a priority by integrating it into my everyday... read more

July’s Male Athlete

Rayaan is our July Male Athlete of the Month! Rayaan finished Ramadan on June 24th but during the month of fasting he always found a way to meet his training and the needs of his body. Not once did Rayaan falter in his training! CFB: Tell us about yourself (family,... read more

July’s Female Athlete

It’s hard not to miss the amazing growing belly (it’s a girl) on Melisa! Although you would never guess given her dedication to continuing CrossFit and kicking ass every WOD! That’s why Melisa is our Female Athlete of the Month for July! CFB: Tell us... read more

June’s Male Athlete

Anthony Hodges, AKA Hodge, is our male athlete of the month.  A man among men, you can find Hodge in the tallest trees and lifting the heaviest weights.  Hodge has been part of the CFB community a long time now.  We admire his commitment to his own progress as he... read more

June’s Female Athlete

Joni Berry is our female athlete of the month.  Whether she is competing in a competition with fellow CFB members or providing instruction at Maryville, Joni is a powerhouse.  You will learn about her busy life below but what inspires us is her consistently positive... read more

April’s Male Athlete

Colin Wright is a regular at our 4pm class and always shows up 20 minutes early. Recently he got back from spring break in Florida and immediately came to the gym to complete 17.4 of the Open. After getting a nosebleed during his HSPUs and continuing to grind through... read more

April’s Female Athlete

Linda Kweiter Boman is a constant at CFB. Through all the highs and lows in her CrossFit journey, she has remained consistent and determined. There is not an event she doesn’t attend, or a moment she isn’t cheering on everyone around her. Her heart shows... read more

March’s Male Athlete

Don’t let the yawn walking through the door at 6am fool you; Kyle comes ready to learn, work hard, and adds an element of humor to the class. Kyle has the two things we look for in every athlete, work ethic and consistency. In order to succeed not only in... read more

March’s Female Athlete

Our female athlete of the month exudes positivity.  Not only is Karen Shebik committed to her own results, she is one heck of a partner in a partner WOD or competition.  Karen is not only strong on the outside, she has an inner strength that we can all look to for... read more

February’s Athlete – Lisa and Bob

It’s February! In honor of Valentine’s Day we wanted to recognize a couple of love birds who have become a staple at CFB. When did you start CrossFit? -Bob: November 2015 -Lisa: I started about 6 months ago. We got into CrossFit through my brother, Keith. He was in a... read more

January’s Athlete – Jim Welch

Our very first Athlete of the Month is none other than Jim Welch! If you don’t know Jim, you should. He is a regular at the evening classes and ALWAYS gives 100% in each workout, and manages to do so with a great attitude. Jim is the first one to ask how he can... read more

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