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Emily Emerson Story

Why did you join CrossFit Ballwin? I initially joined Crossfit Ballwin to shut my husband up. He was a member and talked about it constantly. He wanted so badly for me to join so we could workout together. I planned on going once just to humor him. Almost two years... read more

Greg Cochran Story

Why did you join CrossFit Ballwin? My son and I joined about 2 years ago to help get him in shape for high school wrestling. I’ve been doing it ever since. What’s been your biggest accomplishment? That’s a tuff one. Probably the first WOD I RXd. I didn’t think I... read more

Kyle Nesselbush Story

Why did you join CrossFit Ballwin? I joined CrossFit Ballwin to take control of my health and to get into great shape.  When I first joined, I was looking for an environment that would help me make my health and fitness a priority by integrating it into my everyday... read more

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