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:90 row

7 Good Mornings/7 Air Squats/7 Lunges/7 Frog Hops


:90 row

7 db deadlifts/7 power cleans/7 front squats/ 7 thrusters


50 foot Bear Crawl with light weights

2 Bear Complex with light weights

25 foot Bear Crawl with workout weights

2 Bear Complex with workout weights


‘Bear-ly Afloat’ (Distance)

30 Min AMRAP

2 Partner WOD

Partner 1

25 foot Bear Crawl, dragging two dumbbells

Perform 7 Bear Complex with two dumbbells

Power Clean

Front Squat


Back Squat


25 foot Bear Crawl Dragging dumbbells

Partner 2 Rows until Partner 1 finishes
Teams can run instead of rowing. However, if Partner 2 is not present when Partner 1 finishes second Bear Crawl, Partner 1 must start again.