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Why Should YOU Compete in Local Events

Coach Stitzel Talks: Why Should YOU Compete in Local Events: Throughout the CrossFit Community, there is always friendly local competitions taking place. But often people fall within the traps of thinking negative. “I can’t hit a certain weight”, “I am horrible at... read more

Ankle Mobility

Ankle Mobility – Self Care Let’s take a minute and give respect to two of the most important parts of your mobility……your ankles. These bad boys take a beating day after day & probably aren’t really cared for properly.  If you’re a numbers person, like me,... read more

The Russian Baby Maker By Thomas Kauffman

The name is intriguing enough isn’t it?  How did Greg Everett ever come up with it? I am not sure, but it is an amazing stretch that I have personally used for a couple of months now and my hips have never felt as good as they do now. This stretch, when performed... read more

Rx: The Recipe for your CrossFit Life

Too many people get caught up in the word RX’d. Especially with the amount of weight. I challenge each athlete that walks through the doors of any CrossFit gym to leave their egos at the door. Take a look at where you are at, relative to yourself and scale accordingly to weight, reps, and movement to meet the prescribed time domain.

read more

Common Push-Up Faults

Common Push-up Faults   Sagging: Dropping the belly in an attempt to hit, or reach bottom early.  Keep the abdominals engaged throughout the repetition. Piking: Sticking the butt up in the air. This is usually accompanying a rest. Resting: Coming to a stop. This... read more

Hooverball & BBQ

**Don’t forget** Saturday, May 9th is our first Hooverball Social of the season. Time to get out and meet the other members of your Box. Contact: info@www.crossfitballwin.com for more information. read more

Fitness Changed My Life.

Fitness changed my life. by Ryan Hansen For more blogs by Ryan, go to www.Prymal.com Fundamentally, it made me a different person and rewired my brain. I began to overcome fear and weakness. It built my character and taught me valuable lessons. I believe the success... read more

As Your Coach.

Putting together a partner WOD for Tuesday’s class. Time to put some work in together and communicate like a team. Great job today with auxiliary lifts. Never hesitate to ask why we do the movements we do!!!! Every time we do a MetCon, Strength/Skill or even a... read more

CFB Health Series: Herbs & Spices 101

Save Time. Save Money. Save Your Taste Buds. Face it, eating clean can sometimes be boring if you haven’t planned ahead. If you’re like me, I love food that taste amazing! One of the secrets is flavoring. Do you know what spice or herb goes with chicken?... read more

CFB Health Series: Knife Skills 101

Face the clean eating fears head on, with our CFB Health Series. One step in strengthening the healthy lifestyle is knowing your way around the kitchen. As a male, I have a strong belief in understanding how to do more than just grill meat. To those whom have... read more

Live with Wodify!!! Training Videos

Proud to announce we are 100% live with Wodify.  Here’s a couple reasons why I went with the system. Performance tracking (rep max, benchmark WOD’s, ability, PR’s, etc.) Nutrition tracking Reservation system Social Integration WOD tracking... read more

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