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How to Find the Best Gym to Join in Ballwin

Starting on a fitness journey can be a big step for many- and also a terrifying one. That’s why it’s important to choose the right gym for you. When you’re just starting out, you might not know what you need or what to look for in a fitness... read more

Why Should YOU Compete in Local Events

Coach Stitzel Talks: Why Should YOU Compete in Local Events: Throughout the CrossFit Community, there is always friendly local competitions taking place. But often people fall within the traps of thinking negative. “I can’t hit a certain weight”, “I am horrible at... read more

Ankle Mobility

Ankle Mobility – Self Care Let’s take a minute and give respect to two of the most important parts of your mobility……your ankles. These bad boys take a beating day after day & probably aren’t really cared for properly.  If you’re a numbers person, like me,... read more

The Russian Baby Maker By Thomas Kauffman

The name is intriguing enough isn’t it?  How did Greg Everett ever come up with it? I am not sure, but it is an amazing stretch that I have personally used for a couple of months now and my hips have never felt as good as they do now. This stretch, when performed... read more

Rx: The Recipe for your CrossFit Life

Too many people get caught up in the word RX’d. Especially with the amount of weight. I challenge each athlete that walks through the doors of any CrossFit gym to leave their egos at the door. Take a look at where you are at, relative to yourself and scale accordingly to weight, reps, and movement to meet the prescribed time domain.

read more

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