Save Time. Save Money. Save Your Taste Buds.

Face it, eating clean can sometimes be boring if you haven’t planned ahead. If you’re like me, I love food that taste amazing! One of the secrets is flavoring. Do you know what spice or herb goes with chicken? Or do you just use the same seasoning on it every time?

Here’s your answer to boring food. CFB Health Series: Herbs and Spices 101. Work hands on with Executive Chef Darren Zesch and learn the foundations of flavors. Healthy doesn’t have to be boring…..I promise you.

Herbs & Spices 101: Course Description

This class will focus on seasoning and flavoring as an in depth study and tasting of salt varieties will be explored. Also, common uses and pairing of herbs and spices will be taught as we prepare seasoning blends and spice rubs such as an Italian herb blend, Greek seasoning salt, taco and fajita seasoning and Kansas City Barbecue rub. Additionally, purchasing, storage and uses of dried herbs and spices will be discussed.


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CFB Health Series Herb and Spice 101