If you know Ninette and I, you know we love to cook and eat food. I believe the most common disconnects for people in the kitchen is not knowing the skills to save time or allowing cooking to intimidate them. Treat cooking like you treat learning CrossFit. The big secret to eating healthy is always having something to prepped and ready to eat. One of the things I took away from the Whole30 was alway keep a “Hangry” stash with me. Trust me, it keeps a happy wife. 🙂

I stubbled across this knife skill series by Chef McDermott, that’s pretty awesome. As we practice safety and efficiency in CrossFit movements, we need to apply that mentally to our kitchen work. Take time to watch, review and apply what you learn.  Always work toward being a more capable human today, than you were yesterday.

Work your ass off, eat amazingly & stay happy.



Complete Knife Skills Series, by Chef McDermott