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Hey guys, O2's Community Coalition recently launched round 2 of their 50/50 pledge to help gyms. Every time you make a purchase online from one of the participating brands using our coupon code, we’ll get 50% of the profits from that order and you’ll get a special deal!

Use our code PLEDGE-4857 at checkout to take advantage of each partner's special offer. We believe in these brands and what they’re doing to help support our community!

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See you all Monday!

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Trent and I are deeply saddened, frustrated, and disappointed by the words and actions of Greg Glassman and Crossfit HQ and it does not represent us or what CrossFit Ballwin stands for. We built CrossFit Ballwin to be a place that values diversity and provides a supportive community. The pain and anger we are feeling as we watch the brand we have supported for so long lack empathy and acknowledgment does not and can not compare to those that have been fighting for basic human rights for hundreds of years. We want all our members to know that we are taking Greg Glassman’s and CrossFit HQ’s words and actions seriously. Their response will have an impact on our decision to renew our affiliation in August 2020. The first step happened today, June 9th, with the resignation and retirement of Greg Glassman. Dave Castro will now be CEO of CrossFit Inc.
We can no longer sit idle and continue to be dismissive of inequality.


“Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” —Elizabeth Stone

Congratulations @rschneider847 and @kkeeve13 !! We couldn’t be more excited for the three of you! •

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We miss each and every one of you but with each passing day we are one day closer to being together! •

Join us Saturday for cocktails and conversation on the regular zoom link in your emails! •

See you all Saturday! •

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Hey guys,
This week’s newest Community Coalition partner has long supported us in more ways than one - welcome Bear KompleX.

Head over to to use our gym code RECOVERY1173 where you’ll get:
FREE shipping sitewide + 50% of the profits from your purchase donated back to our gym.
Using our code also ensures everyone who retains their membership in May gets a combined $100 gift card from O2, Bear KompleX, Born Primitive, and Puori to use in June. No joke! #stayformay

Don’t forget to use the code RECOVERY1173 at checkout, and pass the message along to help spread the word.

Quarantine trials mid-week 2 totals! •

Keep up the hard work! •

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Everyone worked hard last week killing those air squats! •

This weeks challenge - pushups! •

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14520 Manchester Rd. Ballwin, St. Louis, MO 63011

Veteran owned and operated

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