Are you beginning a weight loss journey by planning to eat well and working out at your favorite CrossFit box? If so, congratulations, but don’t get too excited, you might be in for a world of pain.

By pain, we mean the muscle soreness and fatigue that so often comes from an intense workout. Too often, people use this pain as an excuse to skip the gym for a day. That one skipped day becomes two days, then three, and so on, wrecking your fitness goals.

We’re going to discuss how to beat CrossFit soreness, allowing you to stay on track and see the results that you are working for! Keep reading for more information!

Go to Class

The best advice to follow when you are dealing with muscle soreness is to continue attending class. By choosing to keep up with your workouts, you will keep engaging your muscles and prevent stiffness.

While at the gym, ask your trainer about lowering the intensity of your RX or workout. Choosing a less intense routine will keep you moving and on track to reaching your goals without causing injury to yourself.

Hydrate Like You Mean It

It’s easy to drink a ton of water while you are sweating buckets but the real challenge comes when you return home. There are several formulas that can help you find out exactly how much water to drink daily to optimize your workouts.

However, of the easiest ways to monitor your hydration is to notice your urine color. When you use the restroom, your urine should look like lemonade–any darker means you may be dehydrated and clear urine could mean over-hydration.

Eat Plenty of Whole Foods & Lean Protein

Though it’s easy to grab a protein shake while you’re on the go, shakes should not be a replacement for consuming actual food. When you choose to eat whole foods, you are giving your body the ability to heal itself and alleviate CrossFit soreness.

Consuming the proper ratio of fats, carbohydrates, and protein allows you to build lean muscle and see the results you desire.

Sleeping and CrossFit Soreness

Believe it or not, one of the best ways to combat CrossFit muscle pain is by sleeping! During an intense workout, you tear muscle fibers and during your slumber, they repair themselves.

In addition to helping keep muscle soreness at bay, adequate sleep may also help you train harder the next day.

Just remember, all sleep is not equal! Light napping throughout the day, falling asleep with the TV on, and alcohol-induced ‘comas’ aren’t a replacement for peaceful, natural sleep.

Getting the Most from Your Workout

While you are at the gym, you should push yourself and train hard. However, what you do when you leave the gym is equally important.

By aiming for great recovery periods between workouts, you will see the results you want in a shorter time and help reduce CrossFit soreness.

If you are interested in learning more about CrossFit and how it can impact your life, give us a call! We’d be happy to help you find your best self!