What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.

  • Constantly varied: The workout are very seldomly the same. There are many different variables we can change (i.e. movement, repetition count, time & weight). These are varied depending on the objective of the days workout. Trust me, it will not get dull!
  • Functional Movements: The exercises or movements performed are based on what you might do on a daily, weekly or monthly bases. By practicing everyday movements we become functionally stronger & prolong the ability to perform daily task.
  • High Intensity: This is relative to the persons ability or A.K.A. “Relative Intensity”. Your form on the movements is still very important in order to perform safe manageable movement. For most, the intensity level will come with good coaching and comfort level of the movement.

What can I expect from CrossFit programming?

The programming is designed off of CrossFits three fundamentals: metabolic conditioning, gymnastics and weightlifting. These drawn together into a program in order to give the ever changing effect on the body. You can EXPECT to learn the proper/efficient way to do the movements, push past your limits, diminish the “can’t” and have the best gym family of your life.

Do people like me do this?

Let’s answer the question with a question. Do you pick objects off the floor? Do you put something objects on a shelf above your head? Do you use your core on a minute to minute bases? 99% of the population would answer “yes” to just about every question just asked. Therefore the answer to “is this for me?” is absolutely, yes! Our demographic is any race, age, gender or ability. Functional Movements are not discriminate and neither are we!


How to start with CrossFit Ballwin

We hope that this is the point that you want to begin or take your health/fitness to the next level. There are a couple different ways to start up.

Just do one of the following:

As always the first session is FREE! This will give us a chance to introduce you to the CrossFit Theory, basic movements for the workout & the WOD (workout of the day). We can’t wait to meet & have you join our community!! We want to be your catalyst for change.

Important: Please sign our electronic waiver before coming to your first class.

Once you decide this is what you enjoy, want & need, we will get you signed up for our Foundations Course.


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