Looking to build muscle or just to tone up? Do you like a lot of structure to your workout or are you more of a free spirit?

These are the sorts of questions that need answering when examining the differences between CrossFit vs weightlifting. Here’s how to work out which is better for you.

A Look at the Basics

CrossFit and Olympic weight training share some of the same benefits. They do though differ in terms of intensity. In traditional weight training, you might normally work out in a gym using weights of between five and two hundred pounds.

CrossFit offers a more intense and structured workout. It uses a wider variety of equipment. You wouldn’t find all of it in a regular gym. It includes exercises with sandbags, kettlebells, free weights, giant medicine balls, and tractor tires.

The Pros of CrossFit

CrossFit could be the biggest fitness trend in the world. It has thirteen thousand gyms in more than a hundred and twenty countries. To give that some meaningful perspective, that’s more locations than Starbucks has in America.

One benefit of CrossFit is the built-in camaraderie that goes with the program. It has a devoted group of followers. They offer each other tips and support online and at CrossFit events and centers.

With CrossFit, you’ll perform exercises that require bursts of power and energy. You’ll repeat them over and over again in a structured way. These exercises burn calories quickly but they can also lead to exhaustion.

Without proper supervision, you could put yourself at risk of injury when you exert yourself this hard. This is partly due to the wide a variety of movements that CrossFit requires. It’s easy for newbies to push themselves a bit too far.

Pros of Weight Training

The biggest benefit of traditional weight training is that you’re in control. That means you can set your own pace. You may be just getting better from a sports injury or you could be a beginner who’s starting to work with weights.

You’re going to be able to enjoy the freedom to start slowly with lighter free weights. You might also choose to only ever use light weights if you are looking to build muscle without building bulk.

When it comes to gaining muscle mass, you won’t build this as fast with traditional weight training as you will with a CrossFit program.

CrossFit vs Weightlifting

There are two major dependencies here. The first relates to what you are trying to achieve. If you want to build muscle mass quickly and like feeling part of a community then CrossFit could be the way to go.

If you’re just starting out you may be learning which type of training is going to appeal to you most. For this reason, you might be better to keep your options more open. That could mean traditional weightlifting is better for you.

Keep Fit and Healthy

Which is better, CrossFit vs weightlifting? It’s really for you to decide. Much depends on your own personal preferences. Both will help you to achieve levels of fitness that’ll give you muscle tone and keep you healthy.

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