Why did you join CrossFit Ballwin?

I initially joined Crossfit Ballwin to shut my husband up. He was a member and talked about it constantly. He wanted so badly for me to join so we could workout together. I planned on going once just to humor him. Almost two years later, I’m still going and it’s blessed both of our lives richly.

What’s been your biggest accomplishment?

My biggest accomplishment is physically seeing myself get stronger. I now have endurance that I never had before. I’m also kinda good at kipping pull-ups 😉

What are you working on now?


What’s your favorite CrossFit Ballwin memory?

I have many of them. The comradely is like nothing I’ve ever experienced in a gym. I love the social get togethers and I love how encouraging everyone is, regardless of your skill level.

What motivates you to continue training at CrossFit Ballwin?

It feels like I’m surrounded by family when I’m there. I also feel like a million bucks after a workout.