Foundations Course

The purpose of our new foundations course is to provide an entry level environment tailored to build a solid learning experience for our CrossFit program. This course is designed for those that are new to fitness to the everyday gym goer. Our goal is to reconnect the mind and body to achieve proper form, which will maximize the athletes performance/results in CrossFit. There is a decent amount to learn in CrossFit and our streamlined foundations course increases the mindset for a positive training program creating friendships, camaraderie, self confidence, and self awareness.

The most important part of CrossFit Ballwin is building a strong sturdy foundation for our olympic lifts, gymnastics and nutrition. Allowing a member to jump in or pushing it to early is bad coaching. We want intensity, but not at the risk of injury.

Every FC session (1 thru 8) will build on something new. Here’s what you will learn per session.

  • Session #1 Deadlift & Macro Nutrients 1
  • Session #2 Push Press & Macro Nutrients 2
  • Session #3 Squats & Micro Nutrients 1
  • Session #4 Pull Up & Micro Nutrients 2
  • Session #5 Kettlebell & Scheduling 1
  • Session #6 Clean & Scheduling 2
  • Session #7 Handstands & Paleo
  • Session #8 Snatch & Zone


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