Are you thinking about making some lifestyle changes? Wondering if maybe it’s time to shave a couple of inches off your waist, or see about fitting back into some of your favorite clothes?

There are many good reasons for getting physically fit. From the health benefits to the psychological boost, getting into proper shape offers innumerable benefits.

If you’re in Des Peres and not sure what it takes to reach your potential, fret not. Keep reading for all you need to know to get fit.

Check Your Head

The very first step is to make sure you have the right mental approach. Trying to start a new fitness regiment with your old attitude will only hold you back. Instead, change the way you think about yourself and what you can do.

Think about what you want to achieve and set goals for yourself to get you there. Having a washboard stomach is a great target, but unless you build in smaller victories along the way, you’ll give up before reaching your target.

Be realistic, but be optimistic. Record your results along the way. This will show you the small wins you’ve made, keeping you motivated.

Start Small

Building a successful habit takes time. Start in increments.

You don’t need to start squatting a full bar to get fit. Begin by getting moving. Even walking offers tremendous health benefits. It also helps you build that routine that’s going to power you to success.

Know What’s Needed

A holistic workout routine covers all your fitness needs. Choose a workout that offers the full range of components:

  • Warmup – So that your body is ready and won’t get hurt
  • Aerobic Workout – cardio exercises that boost your metabolism
  • Resistance Training – Lifting weights to build and develop muscle
  • Stretching – Increase flexibility and prevent injury
  • Cool-Off – Let your body cool down gradually

This structure hits all the fitness bases and will keep your routines balanced.

Eat Right

There’s a saying in the computer programming world that goes garbage in, garbage out. It refers to the idea that a program is only as good as the quality of coding it was written in.

Our diets are the same way. Our bodies require specific nutrients to function optimally. Eating unhealthy foods interrupts the metabolism and sabotages your efforts.

Protein is essential to building and repairing muscle. Eating lean protein will help with recovery and strength-building. This, in turn, will improve your workouts.

Healthy fats are necessary not just for feeling full, but also for proper brain health. Unhealthy fats, on the other hand, spike blood sugar and disrupt the way the body processes calories. Focus on unsaturated fats like nuts, eggs, and fish.

Finally, avoid processed carbohydrates. Anything white (white flour, white sugar) will disrupt your ability to make glucose, leading to fat gain. Instead, eat low-glycemic carbs like legumes and whole wheat. They offer much-needed energy, as well as necessary nutrients like fiber.

See an Expert & Get Fit

Finally, if you’re still struggling with your goals, book an appointment with a registered fitness trainer. They have the knowledge and experience to help you get fit. They’ll target a workout plan that makes sense for you while supporting you during your sessions.

If you’d like to talk to a personal trainer, or are ready to get started and achieve your goals, let us know!