Rayaan is our July Male Athlete of the Month! Rayaan finished Ramadan on June 24th but during the month of fasting he always found a way to meet his training and the needs of his body. Not once did Rayaan falter in his training!

CFB: Tell us about yourself (family, job, sports, interests etc)?

Basic, down to earth. Originally from India, now in US past 5+ years. An IT contractor because I love travelling, nature lover. Love hiking swimming and doing troublesome things to pump adrenaline.

CFB: When did you start CrossFit

Started C.F back in NY city roughly about 14 months ago, been going to CFB past 8-10 monts

CFB: What were you thinking/feeling after your first CrossFit WOD?

I felt like jello, no proper posture, no strength, embarrassed but that didn’t last long!

CFB: What is your favorite WOD?

Any WOD that included anything to do with snatches.

CFB: Least favorite WOD?

I hope I will have an answer for this some day. I always have walked out of C.F with immense joy.

CFB: What is your favorite WOD song

Not sure of the name but it goes like. Sit down, be humble.

CFB: Do you ever get competitive with each other in WODs?

Always, in fact it is one main factor that pushes me to try harder, to increase weights, to correct my posture.

CFB: What is your favorite quote?

Such a pity when someone dies without seeing what their bodies are capable off.

CFB: What is something about you that your fellow members wouldn’t know?

I hate my Nano 7 don’t buy it 😂

CFB: How has CrossFit affected your life outside the gym?

Helps me stay focused and happy. Healthy living has now become a life style.

CFB: If you could write a WOD tailored to you, what would it be?

Decreasing weight snatchs, starting with one rep max. Followed by same number of handstands.

Every round decrease 2.5 lbs.Till failure. 1 rep max power snatch, 1 handstand. 3 power snatches, 3 handstands 6 power snatches, 6 hand stands. So on….

CFB: What is your favorite thing about CFB?

The coaches, every one has a unique skill set very helpful and genuinely willing to see us evolve.