Do you know what’s killing you? Physical inactivity is one of the leading risk factors for death around the world.

In fact, the effect of exercise is so powerful on the body that you could say it is a cure-all — and a far better one than the snake oil of old, that’s for sure.

Over 80% of adults don’t get the recommended amount of exercise. Chances are, you’re one of them.

So you know you need to get more exercise, but how to start working out? It’s not like you can just start running around your neighborhood in Manchester. You hate running.

Well, running isn’t the only way to get a good workout.

Let’s look at some tips to get you up and moving today!

1. Find Something Fun

You’ll have a much easier time sticking to your workout routine if you find something you enjoy. Do you hate running? Don’t make going for a run your workout goal.

Instead, find an activity that is fun to do. It’s even better if you can find others to do it with who enjoy it as well. Motivation and energy are contagious!

What fits the bill? We suggest a CrossFit class in Manchester.

2. Find Accountability

Everything is more fun with friends! Invite a friend to go with you to the gym. Set up a weekly routine. When you know your friend is counting on you, you’ll be less likely to skip on those days that you lack motivation.

Don’t have a friend willing to join you? Join a class and make friends at the gym! Once you join a friendly exercise community, people will be looking out for you. They’ll ask why you couldn’t make it last week and you’ll want to have a decent excuse.

3. Find Variety

Most people get bored doing the same thing over and over. For some people, simply thinking about how boring it would be to run on a treadmill for hours each week or swim lap after endless lap is enough to kill their motivation before they start.

Don’t let boredom scare you away. There are many types of exercise that involve much more than repetitive motions. CrossFit, for example, involves full-body exercises, strength training, mobility exercises and stretching, and much more!

In fact, that type of exercise is even better for you. Your body gets bored too of the same thing. Changing up your workout ensures that you target all parts of your body and you get better results for your effort.

How to Start Working Out in Manchester

The first step is always the hardest, but we make it easy for you. Try your first CrossFit class in Manchester for free.

Here you’ll find the recipe for success. It’s a fun workout where you’ll meet fantastic friends who will help hold you accountable. Plus, the workouts change all the time, making sure that neither you nor your body gets bored.

That’s how to start working out. We’ve got four ways that you can get started, check them out here!