Our female athlete of the month exudes positivity.  Not only is Karen Shebik committed to her own results, she is one heck of a partner in a partner WOD or competition.  Karen is not only strong on the outside, she has an inner strength that we can all look to for inspiration.  We appreciate Karen’s commitment to herself and her family, while making the lives of others a little better each day.

CFB: Tell us about yourself (family, job, sports, interests etc)
KS: My 11 year old daughter and I live here in Ballwin. I’m an RN working for Humana. I take any and every travel opportunity! I live for trying new activities and exploring new places. I’d make a bucket list but the list of things I don’t want to do would be much quicker.

CFB: When did you start CrossFit?
KS: A lot longer ago than it looks!  3 1/2 years ago

CFB: What were you thinking/feeling after your first CrossFit WOD?
KS: I’m alive! Am I crazy and/or capable enough to do this again???

CFB: What is your favorite WOD?
KS: A partner WOD. I’ll work much harder for someone else than I ever do for myself.

CFB: Least favorite WOD?
KS: Are you going to use this answer against me?? Open 14.5, relentless thrusters and burpees

CFB: What is your favorite WOD song?
KS: Don’t care. My favorite sound to hear is the beep of the clock when time runs out.

CFB: Do you ever get competitive with each other in WODs?
KS: In the beginning no, but I wouldn’t have improved without chasing others aka letting them motivate me

CFB: What is your favorite quote?
KS: Live life to the fullest and make a difference along the way. (Sorry I don’t know who to give credit to on this)

CFB: What is something about you that your fellow members wouldn’t know?
KS: Given the amount of complaining I do about running retcons ‘s never know I completed a marathon

CFB: How has CrossFit affected your life outside the gym?
KS: Faith in myself and strength to do life. I’m a single mom with a house and a full-time job. Learning to endure discomfort in here and overcome challenges definitely carries over into all other aspects of my life.

CFB: If you could write a WOD tailored to you, what would it be?
KS: Is there anything I don’t have to have my knees out for!? I swear one day that better just click for me.

CFB: What is your favorite thing about CFB?
KS: 100% the people. I have several CrossFit options in the area, but the community here is so friendly, encouraging, and engaging. It’s CrossFit home.