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Sgt. Major Mirosław “Miron” Łucki


Partner Warm-Up:

P1 Bike 9 Cals

P2 Jumping Jacks


P1 Bike 9 Cals

P2 Air Squat


P1 Bike 9 Cals

P2 Dislocates & Around the World (PVC)

*Switch with partner on bike & complete same round, advance when each have completed the calories


Movement Specific:

Build up to Prescribed weight.

1) Run can be scaled to those not accustom to this volume. 800m times should set at about 3:30-5:00 mins.

2) Back Squat is set at 3/4 bodyweight, scaled should be 35-45% 1RM

3) Deadlift is set at 1.5 bodyweight, scaled should be 50-60% 1RM

Miron (Time)

5 rounds for time of:

800-meter run

23 back squats, ¾ body weight

13 deadlifts, 1 ½ body weight
Mirosław “Miron” Łucki, 38, died Aug. 23, 2013, in Ghazni Province, Afghanistan, from fatal wounds inflicted by an improvised explosive device. Łucki was a Warrant Officer at the time of his death, and was posthumously promoted to Sergeant Major of the Army. Łucki began his service in the Polish Army in 1997.

Łucki enjoyed cross-country running and the intensity of CrossFit workouts. When it came to fitness his motto was “100 percent or it’s not worth the hassle.”

Łucki is survived by his wife and son.
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