With the kickoff of CrossFit Ballwin’s Monthly Mobility Blog Post and Videos, I felt it would be beneficial to have some discussion around Mobility Tools and Mobilization Methods. In the coming months, there will be some Mobility Movements discussed that will use certain tools and techniques. You’ll find most of the tools discussed, in coming articles, can be found at our gym, so you can check them out in person. Mobility work isn’t just something you do in the gym. To really see gains, there needs to be work put in outside of the gym also. If you plan to make a commitment to Mobility work outside of the gym, you’ll want to make sure and find the right tools for: your current level of Mobility, what you hope to achieve, and what works with your budget.

I personally like Kelly Starrett’s Mobility Wod program. The best source of information that I have found is Kelly’s book, “Becoming a Supple Leopard”. I would highly recommend it, for anyone looking to take their Mobility work to the next level. Much of the information I will discuss in my articles can be found in his book at a much deeper level.

As we discuss Mobility Tools, I will be categorizing them into three different levels. Level One Tools, will be typically the easiest to use and the ones that will cause the least pain. These level tools are good for someone just getting into Mobility work. It’s important to realize that you will not see the same gains using these tools that you will with higher level tools. The Level Two Tools are the next step in effectiveness and pain. They are the bridge to into Level Three Tools. Level Three Tools, as you can guess, are the most effective but also the most painful to use. Level Three Tools, will also be the most expensive.

In the discussion, I will also supply links taking you to suppliers to find the tools. Keep in mind the links provided are by no means the only place to get the Level One and Level Two tools. The Level Three tools, though are very specific and really only have one supplier. In the up and coming articles, I also plan to discuss some of the basic Mobilization Methods to use with the tools. We’ll discuss Mobilization Methods such as Pressure Wave, Contract and Relax, Banded Flossing and Smash and Floss. As we move forward with CrossFit Ballwin’s Monthly Mobility Blogs, if you have any further questions or would like to discuss things further, make sure to look for me any of the coaches at the gym.