Chris Seris

Why CrossFit?

I love CrossFit. I have a strange fascination with pushing myself to new limits. As an older athlete, and father of a younger child, I have prioritized my fitness, and CrossFit is the best, and most fun way to ensure I can continue to be active, and even excel physically.

Why CrossFit Ballwin?

I love being part of a community. When I moved to St. Louis from Columbia, MO, CrossFit Ballwin quickly became my new home. The community is great, and was very welcoming to me. I love working with people and helping them achieve their goals, or even facilitating an hour of of intense respite from life outside the gym.

My 1st CrossFit Experience?

I found CF online about six years ago. I had been running for about twelve years and had grown bored. I started mixing in other movements, and while looking for different things online, I found CrossFit games videos on YouTube and was fascinated. I started trying to do CF mainsite workouts, I bought a bunch of weights, a bent barbell, and a battlerope from a retired powerlifter, I made my own Bulgarian bag (look it up), and put up a pull-up bar in my garage.
Not long after that my wife bought me a foundations package at a gym in Columbia, MO, and I walked in already hooked, and I never looked back.

What Drives Me?

Several things drive me. I love pushing myself to get better. I’m quickly coming up on my mid-forties, and I don’t like the thought of diminishing abilities. I have an almost six-year-old son-Action Jackson-who needs all the fitness I can muster to keep up with him. That drives me. Setting an example for others and not disappointing people drives me.

My Biggest Achievement?

My biggest achievement, in CrossFit at least, was earning my L1 certificate and going on to coach. It was taking a chance, and making my own opportunity do something that I love doing. It has led me to CrossFit Ballwin and I the awesome opportunity to be part of this community.

Favorite CrossFit Exercise?

Double-unders followed by Overhead Squat

Anything Else?

I love that CrossFit has something for everyone. Younger, older, injured, healthy–it doesn’t matter. We want everyone to know how you can always do something to improve your life. The steps may be small, and the benefits may not be immediately evident, but with some perseverance everyone can see progress. I like being part of that for people.

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