Here from just a few of our team members how CrossFit Ballwin has impacted their lives.

I recently was in St. Louis and visited this gym because my little sister goes here. I have been doing CrossFit for about 4 years now and have been to many gyms. The owner and coach, Trent was so welcoming and nice the moment I entered. The environment is really relaxed and friendly and not he least bit intimidating but also gives you structure so you know what to do and what you will be doing. You can tell he really cares about his clients and wants them to understand the movements and are safe before they add weight. This is extremely important to me especially knowing my sister is there. I would definitely recommend this gym to anyone in the area looking for a good workout and awesome CrossFit gym!

Emily B.

I was planning to try out a few places before joining CrossFit Ballwin with Trent. However when you walk into the box and get a REAL COACH, someone who cares about your health and safety….its easy to see why the gym continues to grow. The family and non judgmental atmosphere is perfect for anyone at any level of fitness….young or old…in shape or out of shape….looking to compete or just increase your quality of life…..and athlete or non athlete. I continue to travel for work to other states and other CrossFit gyms and see the boxes with coaches who are only in it to make money…without doing any coaching and pinpointing problem areas in mobility and technique. Trent does it all here. As the saying goes, “You are never a real success in life unless you help others become successful”, and you will find only that here.

Paul C.

If you have been interested in CrossFit, this is the place to go. It is a smaller location with hands on attention. I was very nervous to go to my first class, and found a wonderful trainer in Trent. CrossFit Ballwin is highly recommended by me.

Rebecca R.

This box is so much better than the one I was at. I was turned off of CrossFit because of the trainer. Then I found CrossFit Ballwin an Trent really does care about your goals that you want to reach. All around a good place an good people. CrossFit Ballwin is the way to go for you to reach your goals.

Jeremy R.

This is the best CrossFit box I have ever been to, the coaches are great, the people are super friendly and welcoming!!! The atmosphere is just fantastic, I recommend everyone come in!!!!!

Samantha W.

Trent is an awesome trainer. He makes sure your form is correct while working out, to keep u from hurting yourself while working out. And he is very one on one, and really encourages and motivates you to push yourself during workout. It’s hard, but man, do you feel great about yourself walking out of there!

Lisa C.

Amazing gym! I can’t say enough about the coaching and great atmosphere, almost a year with Trent Campbell and I would never think of another gym.

Caleb B.

My husband dragged me into CrossFit Ballwin, because we were both having a hard time being healthy after having twins. I was more than a little anxious and not really sure that it would be for me, based on all my misconceptions about CrossFit. After working out with Trent ONE TIME, I knew that I had a lot to learn about CrossFit and about myself and was eager to start the journey. Everyone in the gym is an inspiration and Trent has done a phenomenal job of creating such a great community. If you are looking to lose weight, gain strength or just live a healthier life, this is the place for you. I have seen everyone that I train with meet unexpected and crazy goals and it makes me so proud to be part of such a community.

Krista H.

If you are thinking about joining a CrossFit gym and you are in the West County area then CrossFit Ballwin is the place to go. I joined the gym the first week of January 2014 and did some internet research to see what CrossFit was all about. I had suffered a lower back injury in 2007 before I started lifting weights. I was skeptical at first because there are a ton of workouts that use the lower back in CrossFit. When I first started I notified the owner/trainer Trent of my situation and he was able to work around my injury and really work on my form so I didn’t irritate my back. He was extremely persistent on me getting to the doctor to try and figure out the injury which I eventually did. Trent is very knowledgable and really focuses on having the correct form during lifts which has really helped my back. I believe a lot of people at first are hesitant about CrossFit because there are some trainers out there that don’t take into consideration of prior injuries. Over the past 4 1/2 months I have learned something new everyday. If you really want to get into shape and are sick and tired of the normal workouts in a gym then I highly recommend to try CrossFit. It is one of the best decisions I have recently made and wish I would have started years ago.

Matt E.

I have joined so many gyms and tried working with so many different trainers but Trent and CrossFit Ballwin are by far my favorite! The idea of CrossFit had always intrigued me but I thought that I would never be able to do it since I was overweight. I decided to suck it up and try a one-on-one class. I was so nervous, I thought I was going to throw up before walking into the gym. After a few minutes of talking with Trent (who is the head coach and owner), we got to work. Trent put me through a typical workout but also scaled it back to my ability. He focused on form and technique but definitely challenged me. That first workout was almost 3 months ago….and I keep going back for more! This gym has become like a second family to me. The workouts are challenging but can be done at any fitness level. The people at the gym are so supportive and accepting. I used to dread working out and going to the gym but since finding CrossFit Ballwin, my mentality has changed! I think I’m addicted! The idea of CrossFit can be very intimidating and walking into other CrossFit gyms, you may still feel that way; however I cannot stress enough how that is NOT the case here. There are people of all fitness levels at this location but we all work together and push each other to do our best. Give CrossFit Ballwin a shot and I promise you’ll be hooked too!

Kim S.

Trent is an amazing trainer that concentrates heavily on proper form because the last thing he wants are his clients to be injured. His workouts are above and beyond and will leave you feeling like you can do anything!

Ninette C.

Joining CrossFit Ballwin has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. The training is top notch and the gym is unlike any other. The training you receive is on such a personal level and the atmosphere is one you just enjoy being in. In just two months I have gotten into the best shape of my life and accomplished things I never thought possible both physically and mentally. Really special community, you are treated like family as a member of CrossFit Ballwin. Great atmosphere and best personal training you will find at any CrossFit gym.

Jacob B.

Finally learning how to squat properly with Trent’s help!

Allie E.

Did a drop-in on my way thru from San Antonio… Great facility, motivation, and coaches…

Justin C.

What a fantastic place to train! I have trained for many years and whilst visiting from Australia I needed to step up my training for a specialist role in my job back home as a police officer. I contacted Trenton, and with his skills and knowledge, he was able to train me to the level I needed before returning home. I would recommend anyone, at any fitness level, to train at CrossFit Ballwin.

Dra K.

My workouts at the gym had hit a wall and when I signed up for the Tough Mudder, I knew I needed help. So I took a coworker’s advice and tried CrossFit with Trent. Trent designed a unique CrossFit program to meet my Tough Mudder needs. He helped me push through my limits, while making sure my form was correct during every workout. Within a couple of weeks I noticed a huge difference in my strength and endurance. After two months of training, my run through the Tough Mudder was a complete success! After all the grueling obstacles, while soaked in mud and thoroughly exhausted, I was still able to sprint up the half-pipe at the end and pull myself up. Thank you CrossFit Ballwin!

Alex A.

This gym is awesome. I was passing through St.Louis for a few weeks and everyone there greeted me with open arms. Trent is an awesome trainer. If you are in the area and are wanting to try CrossFit or even if you are a veteran crossfitter, go check it out.

Mitchell P.

To be honest, I was hesitant to give this a try. The Internet is saturated with depictions of “CrossFitters” flailing around like fools, injuring themselves, and continuously broadcasting to the world in a superior tone that, “They do CrossFit.” Trust me. This isn’t that. From the time I first walked in, I’ve been treated like “one of the crew.” There’s a very close-knit, encouraging atmosphere about this place, which is important when approaching something this intimidating. Trent, the owner and coach, is crazy good at what he does. From day one, you’ll be drilled over and over on proper form. Don’t understand something? He’ll work with you until you do. Can’t do a particular movement? You’ll do a modified version until you’re strong enough to do the real thing. The personal attention you receive is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. It’s intense. Many workouts end with everyone lying in the floor in a pool of sweat. When you walk out of there, you feel proud that you were able to do something you didn’t think you’d be able to do. Trent genuinely wants you to succeed, and will help you every step of the way, both inside and outside the box. If you’ve ever thought about giving CrossFit a try, come in here with an open mind and see for yourself what it’s really supposed to be about. I’m here to stay.

Mike C.

When I walked into CrossFit Ballwin about 6 months ago I had already convinced myself that it wasn’t for me. I had seen the videos and heard the talk, and had made my mind up that it wasn’t a place for anybody like me. But, I tried it anyway I had nothing to lose. I found exactly what I was looking for and to be honest it was a lot like what I was nervous about getting into.It had a coach that would push me to limits and help me step over them, other members who were willing to yell at the new guy when he was wearing down, and most importantly a family of people who all have the same goals and would help each other get there. CrossFit Ballwin has everything you could ever need in box. It’s a got a coach that cares about form, your goals, nutrition, and members that are fully committed to the entire process. I say process because that’s exactly what it is, there might be a beginning but there certainly is no end. As I’ve progressed I could have been happy that a month after I started I was doing things I thought crazy the first day, but something about it makes you want to keep pushing to get better every time. Along the way CrossFit has taught me things about myself in both a mental and physical sense. Physically it’s pushed to lose 65 pounds since the time I started and lift more weight than I thought I’d ever be physically able to. Mentally I’ve learned to push my limits, gained a ton of confidence in my appearance, and gained a new respect for what I can actually do when I tell the little voice in my head its wrong.

Jacob M.

This gym was already amazing but has recently added more equipment and expanded the workout space and is now so much better than any of the corporate gyms. The workouts are intense but the awesome community keeps everyone motivated to keep moving and push ourselves to new limits. Everyone who works out should try CrossFit…..especially if they want to feel like they actually accomplished something by going to the gym.

Jeff F.

Ballwin CrossFit has helped me so much with my swim, bike, and run! I had my 1st sprint tri of the season and I never felt stronger!!! I had not been in a pool, or on my bike, and have done very little running since November. I have been coming to Ballwin CrossFit 3 times a week and that has made me stronger and helped me keep my endurance up. I just had my year anniversary at the gym and I look forward to many more. Thanks to the wonderful coaching of gym owner Trenton Campbell and all my friends at Ballwin CrossFit!!

Amy M.

As soon as you walk in there is a huge white board with all the members and their currents stats. Trent cares about all his people and is a great coach. Not many boxes have a sled to push, stones to lift, and other great tools for general strength and conditioning. The classes are small, which is great. I’ve been to a few boxes in the area and this is by far the best. There is a different vibe at CrossFit Ballwin.

Ryan H.

Trent is great. he pushes you to your limit but at a safe and steady pace. Correct form… correct form… correct form and safety first!

Orlando R.

Trent is the best!!!! Beyond focused, form critic (in a positive way), wicked inspiring!!!

Cynde H.

Strength and conditioning at CrossFit Ballwin provides complete functional training of the high school athlete. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends athletes minimize injury via training that safely improves cardiac endurance while safely strengthening core and muscle strength. Professional trainers at CrossFit Ballwin encompass complete athletic training by providing functional movements that can be applied to everyday life. Trainers capitalize on an athlete’s physiologic ability by perfecting proper technique, providing nutrition education,and utilizing various methods of training, which in my professional opinion, benefits athletes of any sport.

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