Listen ladies and gentlemen, stop living by the scale and live by functionality.  I hear these statements day after day:

“I need to lose weight.”, “My scale says I’ve gained weight”,  “I need to get back to XX weight”,  “Society deems me as overweight”, “How fast will I lose weight doing CrossFit?”

First off, the scale does’t say anything… can’t speak.  It’s an inanimate object, that should be taken to the street and ran over.  This piece of equipment has tuned out our own personal thoughts on how the body’s really feels.  Less weight is what society has started deeming “fit” or “healthy”.  The only weight you should be worried about is the weight you are moving in the gym.

Enter a new way of thinking…..strength + work capacity = functionality.  This is why I love CrossFit.  We gauge our fitness off benchmarks set to test the human capabilities.  Every month, week, day or hour a CrossFitter spends working in the gym is to fine tune their skills/capabilities in order to crush the last benchmark WOD they completed or to increase their PR weight.

On final note, here’s some things your scale can’t tell you:

How capable of a human you are.  How much you can lift.  How fast you run or row 400m in.  How much you can carry and walk with.  How great your mobility is.  How clean you are eating.  How fast your last Fran time was in.  How much your work capacity has increased.

Your weight scale, should not be a gauge of a healthy lifestyle.  Your goal should be to become more capable than you were yesterday.


Train hard, train smart.

-Trenton Campbell