Coach Stitzel Talks:

Why Should YOU Compete in Local Events:

Throughout the CrossFit Community, there is always friendly local competitions taking place. But often people fall within the traps of thinking negative. “I can’t hit a certain weight”, “I am horrible at such and such movement”, “I would be a hinderance to the team”, among many more. To combat the hard downward thinking, here are some reasons why you should at least try one local event.

  • Community

CrossFit is a community that expands outside the box. It all STARTS in the box. You will find yourself spending a Saturday of just three to five workouts with a larger community. It brings more people to cheer and support for you as you gun through the burpees, people to scream and jump with joy as they see you hit your first rep at a movement or a weight you thought impossible. I can’t count how many different friendships I have seen formed from these local events. People leave their personal belongings scattered about and no one will touch a thing.

  • Personal Gains and Overcome Challenges

Participating in a competition, you will find a different stimulus then when you are in your box that you know too well. You are able to test the hard work you put in at your box and see what you can really do. You find yourself willing to push the limits as you look around and see that there are others pushing the limits with the same capabilities as you. You are in the middle of doing a 3 rep max power snatch touch and go and have six minutes to find your max weight. You have already hit your known max and you still have 2 minutes left on the clock. You look around, see the person next to you complete the same weight. You hear the crowd around you cheering and giving you more gas in the tank. You throw on 10 to 20 more pounds and then SUCCESFULLY hit the three reps! The Open has provided the push for people to get their first pull-up or muscle-up!

  • You Recognize YOU are an Athlete

If you are doing a competition, that gives you a sense a “b@d@$$” feeling and realizing that you are an athlete.

  • Healthy Way to Spend a Saturday

What better way then to test your ability, get a good sweat in, make new friends or new connections, and then celebrate at the days end feeling accomplished? And, it is typically not that expensive, especially if you are doing pairs or team competitions.

Where to go from here:

Ask around the box! There are a number of us that have competed and can share personal stories. I myself am always looking to do a competition because of the fun and rush I get from the competition environment.

Give it a shot! We have two events coming up this month!

  • Cupid Crush at our box Sunday February 17th
  • The Open that starts February 21st. We will be having Friday Nights Light ever Friday night during the open season. It runs for about five weeks!